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Kawano Farms is a fully licensed Class A Abattoir in Prince George, BC.

Kawano Farms started as a tiny abattoir operation. In recent years it has grown to encompass the entire red meat industry, including beef and bison as well as ostrich, llama and other specialty meats. Kawano Farms is primarily a processing and custom cut and wrap operation, with a significant wholesale and retail customer base. Specialty services such as halal slaughter are also offered upon request. Additional processing operations include smoking, curing and sausage making and beef jerky is one of their signature products and there is a shop on site for your convenience. FIND OUT MORE

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Custom Slaughter

Custom Slaughter Services

We provide slaughter services for animal owners across northern BC. Working with an independent federal meat inspector ensures the highest quality product and service.

Custom meat cutting

Custom Meat Cutting & Wrapping

Kawano Farms has an ideal facility for cutting and wrapping ensuring that you receive the cuts you require and in the size of packaging that best meets your needs.

Curing, Smoking & Sausage Making

Curing, Smoking & Sausage Making

Kawano Farms boasts a modern curing and smoking facility and will produce your hams and specialty smoked products according to your specifications.

Tractor and compost

Environmental responsibility

We treat the animals we work with and the environment they work in, with respect. Our 137 acre property includes large tracts of hay fields and the family home.

Packaged meat product

Kawano Farms Products

Kawano Farms produces products for individuals, wholesale operations, restaurants and the retail market. We are able to employ methods that meet the requirements for halal and kosher diets, and make specialty products for those with dietary restrictions.

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